Baby Massage

Greetings peeps

Today Mummy and I went to post natal group to learn how to do baby massage - and I actually managed not to poop myself just as we were on our way out - so we even made it into Bingham on time -a huge achievement I can tell you!!!

Anyhow, when we got there I was bright and alert and ready for anything but by the time it came to actually massage me I decided it was noshy time and then I needed a big snooze, so I decided to give it a miss! Poor Mummy just had to watch from the sidelines along with Tracy and Sienna (who had the same idea as me - a girl after my own heart!) but at least she got to learn the theory so we could give it a go this evening.

When we did eventually get around to trying it out before bedtime I decided it was a very lovely thing to do and had a good long snooze to celebrate!!!



Big Brother is 3 Today!!!

Hi Folks

Today is my honourary big bro's 3rd Birthday... so Happy Birthday Huxley!!! Daddy made chocolate brownies in his honour and he was allowed to have 2 as a special treat. He had cards from us, Nanny and his brothers and sisters and chicken from Granny and Grandpa... Birthdays seem like a lot of fun, can't wait til I have one!

Yesterday Daddy and Grandpa took him to the vets again and he is doing really well since his operation and now he has to go swimming twice a week... I wonder if he'll need armbands!?!

Last night I decided that being fed every 3 hours was not often enough so I decided to up the frequency to every 1.5 hours and really wear Mummy out... then I decided at 8am to give in and let her have a snooze and Daddy made her a bacon sandwich and cup of tea to have in bed which made her very smiley - or it might just have been wind!

Thats all for now


Postnatal Pals

Well, today we went to the postnatal group in Bingham so Mummy could get a bit of adult conversation!

We were all ready to go when I pooped my pants and then decided Mummy needed a shower... so we both ended up having a complete change of clothes before we could set off. Oh well at least being 20 minutes late meant I could make a dramatic entrance! (even if I was sleeping like an angel when we arrived!)

I was very well behaved for a little dude, I just snoozed my way through most of it while they all talked about girls stuff ... LALALALA (as Daddy would say!)

Anyhow its baby massage next week so I think I'll try a bit harder to be on time.... wouldn't want to miss anything important!!!!!!

That's quite enough exertion for one day so I'm off now



Growing up big and strong...

Well folks,

The Health Visitor came to visit me and Mummy today, and I am happy to report that all the noshing I've been doing has resulted in a superb weight gain of 10 ounces... Everything else is fine too, everything in its right place - as some bloke from Radiohead once said.

This afternoon we went on our first adventure in the car without Daddy and with my pram, Mummy managed marvellously and I resisted the temptation to scream my head off in Boots. So that's Bingham cracked, you never know we might make it all the way to Radcliffe by the end of the week!

So thats my day, just having a nap to recover, hope yours has been eventful too



Little Man has had a busy few days...

Aftynoon everyone,

Well, what a few days... On Friday Charlotte and David came for a visit to keep me and Mummy company while Daddy went back to work - even if he was just upstairs, we still missed him. I had some lovely new clothes and lots of cuddles. My Pooh Bear baby bouncer arrived today too, so my favourite hobby is now sitting in it and batting Tigger with my hand - hours of fun!!!

Uncle Kieron, Laura and Marcello came to visit after tea, I was very sleepy by then.

On Saturday morning Chak, Sazzle and Izzy dropped by with some more cool new clothes - I really am spoilt, Izzy is nearly one now and full of smiles, so I hope she'll be my friend when I am older even if I will be a toy boy!!!

Grandpa and Uncle Dommy came over and finished Huxley's step so he can now get out in the garden safely, Uncle Kizzy helped with it on Friday, thanks guys, I hope we can build stuff together when I am bigger.

Now I am having a snoozy Sunday with Mummy and Daddy, lovely, with millions of Daddy cuddles because he goes back to London tomorrow, I'm going to miss him, and can't wait til he comes home on Thursday, Mummy will miss all her cups of tea too!

Anyhow, noshy time again!

Catch you later



My piccies

Hello again everyone,

if you would like to see the pictures of me taken when I was brand new, please drop Mummy an email and she'll point you in the right direction...

Rather photogenic if I do say so myself!


A little place for a little person

Morning all,

I am 2 weeks old today so Mummy and Daddy decided it was about time I started my blog! I'll try and keep you updated with all the interesting things that are happening in my world as I discover them over the coming weeks, months and years (Mummy will be typing so please excuse her spelling!)

Here's a quick synopsis of the story so far...

Born 16th Sept 2004 at 17.54 after 47.5 hours of labour (poor Mummy, please feel free to buy her a Guinness next time you see her!)
Weighed 8lb 10oz - despite being 2 weeks early... that's worth another Guinness in my book!

Mummy stayed in hospital for the obligatory 2 days while Daddy, Grandma and Auntie Heidi made the final preparations for my grand entrance at home. Arrived chez moi at 3pm on Saturday 18th Sept to lots of very puzzled looks from Huxley!

My first visitors were Granny and Grandpa, lots of cuddles!!!!! And my first night was reasonably uneventful as I decided to lull my folks into a false sense of security!

Sunday night, good again, just building up to Monday night - oh boy can I keep these folks awake!!! Glad to report lungs working well!

Settled quite quicly into some semblance of a routine... decided to be a good, happy baby, that way I get extra kisses and cuddles!

Other visitors so far...
Uncle Dominic and Auntie Yvonne - Muchas Gracias for the very cool monkey!!!
Nanny and Auntie Anne - wonderful to have 4 generations in one room!
Uncle Kieron
Uncle Andrew, Lisa, Charlotte and Jenny - Very special cards and cookies - thanks guys and an incredible animation cell
Uncle Roger - Auntie 'laire, get well soon - and thanks for my very posh clothes!!!
Uncle Jaz and Sarah - Baby mickey and stylish cat in the hat attire - I am already the best dressed kid in Bingham - and they don't even fit me yet! Must eat more and grow more...
Peachy and Dawn - Mummy says thanks for the Champers... I'll just have to enjoy it second hand!!!

Phew... a busy couple of weeks for a little boy!

Other milestones - I've already had my first trip out in my car seat to visit Granny and Grandpa and I love going out for walks in my pram.
On Tuesday Ma and Pa took me into Town for the first time, at least they have now got the hang of negotiating the pedestrian traffic in my pram, and I was so good they even got to go for an uninterrupted coffee! (Followed by a trip to Early learning as I had been such a good boy - I think I might try this behaving lark more often!!!)

Well thats all for now, I'll try and keep this blog updated reasonable regularly between sleeping feeding and pooping

lots and lots of love