Boxing? Day?

What's that all about then???????

Today I was basically very pooped after yesterday so decided to put my Mr Grumpy Pants head on. all the Tompkins came over for sandwiches and I decided that all I wanted to do was snuggle up with Mummy on the big bed upstairs... it was the only way I'd be consoled so it meant I got a whole lot of cuddles...

I love this Christmas thing but not sure what today was all about!

anyhoo, must catch up on some much needed sleep

an exhausted



Greetings of the seasonal kind dudes,

Well today it is apparently something called Christmas and the day on which we look at my special tree and get excited about the stuff that appeared under it last night while I was asleep...

For some reason Ma and Pa decided I would look cute under the tree too!!!

All I know is that I am one very spoiled boy... and I quite like this Santa geezer who covered loads and loads of new toys and clothes and stuff in paper for Mummy to take off before I could play with them... all seemed like a bit of a pallaver to me!

Anyhow, I have been the best boy in the world today as not only did I behave myself while Mummy cooked dinner, I managed to doze off and let the old folks eat their meal together for a change!

Just racking up those good boy points for next year!

a very worn out


Oh Tanenbaum...

Whoohoo... we have a magic thing in the corner of the living room called a CHRISTMAS TREE!!! It is my new favourite thing, gotta love those twinkly lights... Daddy has gone a bit overboard on lights this year... very Griswald!

I had my first present today, my swing, which I adore... I sat in it laughing and gurgling for 2 hours while Ma and Pa put the tree up... we're all very excited about my first Christmas!

If Santa is reading this... i really am a very good boy... honest



Now it feels like Christmas...

Well today it was cousin Alex's school play, Mummy, Nanny and I all went together, it was the story of a very grumpy sheep, who only cheered up when she met the baby Jesus.

I did my best to behave, I was in my sling snuggling mummy for the first 20 minutes and then I woke up and enjoyed the music and christmas tree lights until the need for food became too much and Mummy and I had to make a sharp exit to the foyer.

Mummy said it felt weird feeding me there as it was the school she went to as a little girl!

I've really enjoyed my week here at Grandma's - we've been shopping, out for coffee and cakes (Mummy's favourite!) and over to Nanny's for lunch, I think we'll both need a rest when we get back home... Daddy is coming to pick us up after work tomorrow so we can all get home at a reasonable time and I can sleep all the way there and hopefully through the night.

It will be strange getting back into my crib at home as I've been sleeping in a big cot here - it was Uncle Roger's - amazing that he was ever small enough to fit in it!

anyhoo must go



Thank You Very Much...

My First Thanksgiving Dinner at Uncle Andrew and Lisa's house in London... oh and my first trip to London too!!!!

We travelled down to Grandma's this morning - the longest journey I have ever been on - and I am pleased to report that I snoozed all the way - what a good boy I am! Huxley behaved himself too, even if the Tompkinmobile was a little crowded with all of us and all my stuff!

Went to dinner in Earl's Court and guess who was centre of attention... MOI!!!! I also met Auntie 'laire for the first time! So now I know all my family and if I was able to join in the tradition of giving thanks I would definately say I am thankful for all of my family!

Didn't leave til gone 11, my cousins all took it in turns to feed me - so it took a little bit longer than normal! But they must have got it just right as I slept through til 8am!!!

I really am a good boy... sometimes



First Trip to Paul's..

The first of many hopefully!

We all went over to Paul's to take Paul and Jackie's thank you card over (at last) and, as usual, ended up staying several hours! I love it when I get new people to cuddle and tell me how gorgeous I am! Granny and Grandpa were there too... so even more cuddles than I had bargained on!

Lots of love

The littlest dude

Under the Weather

Jabs still a bit achy, and I've worn Mummy out, so we decided not to go to Toddlers this morning, even though I missed my mates it was lovely to spend the morning snoozing with Mummy instead as I was too grumpy to do anything else!

Daddy took Huxley swimming on his own because I was under the weather, apparently he was still a good boy regardless

cheered up a little bit this evening but still not back to my old self despite several verses of the Monkey song from Daddy!

Love Korben

Jabs... OUCH!

Well folks...

today I had my first set of immunisations, Mummy says they're for my own good, but I decided to scream the place down anyway! I was not a happy bunny, but Mummy gave me lots and lots of cuddles to make me feel safe and secure and in the afternoon we went to Toddlers and saw all my little mates for some tea and sympathy... thanks guys, your mums all made Mummy feel much better and I had a good kickabout on the floor with Daniel, Taylor, Rowan and Lewis, Sienna was a bit grumpy from her jabs too!

The best news is that I now weigh a fantastic 11lb 4oz ... superb!

Anyhow, off to have a grizzle now


Grandma's here!!!!!!!!!

Hey Folks,

today Mummy and I went into town to collect Grandma... YIPPEE... So many hugs for me! Oh and its also to give Mummy a bit of a rest and support. I was a good boy in the car and even carried on snoozing while Mummy put me in my sling... I really can be a little angel at times!

While we were out Daddy cooked Mummy and Grandma lovely roast lamb and all the bits I'm not allowed to eat yet, and guess what, I decided that I wanted to eat first! I wasn't too bad though as Mummy got to have hers just before it needed zapping in the magic box that goes ding and keeps mummy happy while Daddy took over with cuddles.

I was pretty good for the rest of the day really, sometimes I even astound myself!

lots of love

The Korbmeister