Grandma's here!!!!!!!!!

Hey Folks,

today Mummy and I went into town to collect Grandma... YIPPEE... So many hugs for me! Oh and its also to give Mummy a bit of a rest and support. I was a good boy in the car and even carried on snoozing while Mummy put me in my sling... I really can be a little angel at times!

While we were out Daddy cooked Mummy and Grandma lovely roast lamb and all the bits I'm not allowed to eat yet, and guess what, I decided that I wanted to eat first! I wasn't too bad though as Mummy got to have hers just before it needed zapping in the magic box that goes ding and keeps mummy happy while Daddy took over with cuddles.

I was pretty good for the rest of the day really, sometimes I even astound myself!

lots of love

The Korbmeister