Long time no post,

well, we finally have some sunshiney days so me and mummy and Gabe (that's my little brother, he's only 1 and can't walk yet, but I let him play with me) are spending every spare minute at the park. Today I played football a lot and practised my goal celebrations which made Gabe giggle!



A big day!

Today at 14:45 i decided it was time to stop crawling so I got up and walked around the living room. It is great fun this walking thing. I think I will do a lot more of it from now on. Mummy thinks it is all very cute and called Daddy to let him know.

Anyway, I am off to do some more walking now.



Little Friends' day out

Another busy day in the Noodle household. Mummy and I went down to Leicestershire to visit my little friend Alexander (and his Mummy Heidi) and Maisie and Aiden came too (with their mummies Jo and Lisa). We all had lots of fun playing together and I was the best little boy I could be all day long... even when I was getting tired at the end of the day! I tried really hard to show the others how to crawl, so hopefully they will all be carpet weasels soon too.

We all had a lovely walk and lunch together and hopefully I'll be able to go and visit them all again soon.

But now, once again I am pooped so night night all


The Water Baby

Hey folks!

Well today I finally went for my first swim in Grandpa's pool - Mummy saved it for there as I always seem to have a cold or be a bit under the weather when my friends are going to the leisure centre. I looked very adorable in my sun protector suit, a real little surf dude but I wasn't too keen on being covered with some stuff called factor 50 before I could go to see Granny and Grandpa.

Anyhow, no one was sure what I would make of the water, but I LOVED it, I had lots of fun splashing and kicking my legs under the water and especially liked it when Daddy span me around in the deep end - I got out to have a cuddle with Granny for a bit but then I just wanted to get back in... it was lovely!!! I can't wait til we get some more sunshine so I can go again!

Lots of cuddles

A very VERY worn out Korben

Not just waving but clapping!!!

Phew, what a day... having decided to run the folks ragged by refusing to go to bed until WAY past my bedtime and impressing Mummy with my attempts at crawling... I thought the least I could do was entertain them by finally getting my head around the whole waving and clapping lark and Oh Boy did they forgive my tardiness quickly! Daddy recorded the auspicious moment for posterity (whoever he is!) and they kept me up for an extra half an hour making me do it again and again! Nothing like impressing you parents to get you a 10pm bed time!

Pooed now

The Korbmeister

I got wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is something called a Christening, my Christening... it was all a bit odd really, I was the best boy I could possibly be all morning, playing with Daddy while Mummy did something called Trifle. No sooner had I had my nap than I came downstairs in a dress called Daddy's and found lots of people in my house, I'm sure they weren't there when I went to sleep!

Well, then we went to someone else's house, I think his name is God or church or something and there was a lot of talking and no one was playing with me... but still I was being good as Mummy had put on some clothes that weren't jeans so I guessed something was up. Just as I was being especially good, a man in a white dress a bit like mine poured water on my head which gave me a little bit of a start but I was still being good, I even didn't cry when they wouldn't let me eat the candle!

Afterwards we all came back to my house for some food and.. oh THAT's what trifle's for... and I got to go out for a walk with Auntie Heidi and Auntie 'Laire and Alex to hold my hand and when I came home everybody gave me presents!!!!!!! I think I'm going to be this good EVERY Sunday from now on!

But now everyone has gone home and I am pooped so it's bedtime for me

What a busy day

lots of love


Number Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, not THAT kind of number two... apparently I now have 2 teeth, on my bottom gum, right next to each other.... thought things felt even better these days... my new best friend is my Anty Ant teether (funny that!) that Nanny and Auntie Anne bought me for Christmas... how clever of them to know I would need it someday... must be psychic or something!

Off to chew things now!

Love and all that soppy stuff

A far less droolier


Houston We Have A Tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy can I be grouchy when I don't know what's going on... well all my grumbling finally paid off when Mummy discovered my first tooth, whatever that is! Now she's on the phone telling everyone... personally I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, all I know is my mouth isn't quite so sore as it was, but I'd hardly call that news!

lots of love

a happier


Daddy's Birthday

Don't tell him I told you but my Dad is 33!!!! I don't really know what 33 is but Mummy says its as old as her... and that's old!!!!! Uncle Kizzy and Uncle Dommy are 30 today too... I know all this because Mummy made me sit in my bumbo while she took pictures for their cards yesterday, I did my best grumpy face for them, after all its not fair that they should have a birthday for the 30th or 33rd time before I've even had my first!

Went to Paul's and screamed the place down to celebrate!!!

Oh I can be cantankerous with the best of them!


To the Pub!!!!!!!!!

That's more like it... and far more 'traditionally' Christmassy according to Daddy!

Well, Peachy and Dawn, Chak and Sazzle and my favurite girlfriend Izzy Wizzy came over this afternoon with even more presents and Champagne for Mummy and Daddy... I'm too little for that but will get it second hand later! And, being as I was back to behaving, we decided to go to the Unicorn at Gunthorpe and Mummy knows its baby friendly after we went for a Christmas meal out with all my baby group mates a couple of weeks ago. If I keep going to the pub like this I am in danger of becoming an old lush like Daddy!

Daddy drove us there and I had my bottle while everyone else had a drink, it was a lovely afternoon out and I managed to be a reasonably good boy!

Off for a snooze now... not sure I can keep up with this afternoon drinking lark!