I got wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is something called a Christening, my Christening... it was all a bit odd really, I was the best boy I could possibly be all morning, playing with Daddy while Mummy did something called Trifle. No sooner had I had my nap than I came downstairs in a dress called Daddy's and found lots of people in my house, I'm sure they weren't there when I went to sleep!

Well, then we went to someone else's house, I think his name is God or church or something and there was a lot of talking and no one was playing with me... but still I was being good as Mummy had put on some clothes that weren't jeans so I guessed something was up. Just as I was being especially good, a man in a white dress a bit like mine poured water on my head which gave me a little bit of a start but I was still being good, I even didn't cry when they wouldn't let me eat the candle!

Afterwards we all came back to my house for some food and.. oh THAT's what trifle's for... and I got to go out for a walk with Auntie Heidi and Auntie 'Laire and Alex to hold my hand and when I came home everybody gave me presents!!!!!!! I think I'm going to be this good EVERY Sunday from now on!

But now everyone has gone home and I am pooped so it's bedtime for me

What a busy day

lots of love