To the Pub!!!!!!!!!

That's more like it... and far more 'traditionally' Christmassy according to Daddy!

Well, Peachy and Dawn, Chak and Sazzle and my favurite girlfriend Izzy Wizzy came over this afternoon with even more presents and Champagne for Mummy and Daddy... I'm too little for that but will get it second hand later! And, being as I was back to behaving, we decided to go to the Unicorn at Gunthorpe and Mummy knows its baby friendly after we went for a Christmas meal out with all my baby group mates a couple of weeks ago. If I keep going to the pub like this I am in danger of becoming an old lush like Daddy!

Daddy drove us there and I had my bottle while everyone else had a drink, it was a lovely afternoon out and I managed to be a reasonably good boy!

Off for a snooze now... not sure I can keep up with this afternoon drinking lark!