The Water Baby

Hey folks!

Well today I finally went for my first swim in Grandpa's pool - Mummy saved it for there as I always seem to have a cold or be a bit under the weather when my friends are going to the leisure centre. I looked very adorable in my sun protector suit, a real little surf dude but I wasn't too keen on being covered with some stuff called factor 50 before I could go to see Granny and Grandpa.

Anyhow, no one was sure what I would make of the water, but I LOVED it, I had lots of fun splashing and kicking my legs under the water and especially liked it when Daddy span me around in the deep end - I got out to have a cuddle with Granny for a bit but then I just wanted to get back in... it was lovely!!! I can't wait til we get some more sunshine so I can go again!

Lots of cuddles

A very VERY worn out Korben