Now it feels like Christmas...

Well today it was cousin Alex's school play, Mummy, Nanny and I all went together, it was the story of a very grumpy sheep, who only cheered up when she met the baby Jesus.

I did my best to behave, I was in my sling snuggling mummy for the first 20 minutes and then I woke up and enjoyed the music and christmas tree lights until the need for food became too much and Mummy and I had to make a sharp exit to the foyer.

Mummy said it felt weird feeding me there as it was the school she went to as a little girl!

I've really enjoyed my week here at Grandma's - we've been shopping, out for coffee and cakes (Mummy's favourite!) and over to Nanny's for lunch, I think we'll both need a rest when we get back home... Daddy is coming to pick us up after work tomorrow so we can all get home at a reasonable time and I can sleep all the way there and hopefully through the night.

It will be strange getting back into my crib at home as I've been sleeping in a big cot here - it was Uncle Roger's - amazing that he was ever small enough to fit in it!

anyhoo must go