Thank You Very Much...

My First Thanksgiving Dinner at Uncle Andrew and Lisa's house in London... oh and my first trip to London too!!!!

We travelled down to Grandma's this morning - the longest journey I have ever been on - and I am pleased to report that I snoozed all the way - what a good boy I am! Huxley behaved himself too, even if the Tompkinmobile was a little crowded with all of us and all my stuff!

Went to dinner in Earl's Court and guess who was centre of attention... MOI!!!! I also met Auntie 'laire for the first time! So now I know all my family and if I was able to join in the tradition of giving thanks I would definately say I am thankful for all of my family!

Didn't leave til gone 11, my cousins all took it in turns to feed me - so it took a little bit longer than normal! But they must have got it just right as I slept through til 8am!!!

I really am a good boy... sometimes