Little Man has had a busy few days...

Aftynoon everyone,

Well, what a few days... On Friday Charlotte and David came for a visit to keep me and Mummy company while Daddy went back to work - even if he was just upstairs, we still missed him. I had some lovely new clothes and lots of cuddles. My Pooh Bear baby bouncer arrived today too, so my favourite hobby is now sitting in it and batting Tigger with my hand - hours of fun!!!

Uncle Kieron, Laura and Marcello came to visit after tea, I was very sleepy by then.

On Saturday morning Chak, Sazzle and Izzy dropped by with some more cool new clothes - I really am spoilt, Izzy is nearly one now and full of smiles, so I hope she'll be my friend when I am older even if I will be a toy boy!!!

Grandpa and Uncle Dommy came over and finished Huxley's step so he can now get out in the garden safely, Uncle Kizzy helped with it on Friday, thanks guys, I hope we can build stuff together when I am bigger.

Now I am having a snoozy Sunday with Mummy and Daddy, lovely, with millions of Daddy cuddles because he goes back to London tomorrow, I'm going to miss him, and can't wait til he comes home on Thursday, Mummy will miss all her cups of tea too!

Anyhow, noshy time again!

Catch you later