Big Brother is 3 Today!!!

Hi Folks

Today is my honourary big bro's 3rd Birthday... so Happy Birthday Huxley!!! Daddy made chocolate brownies in his honour and he was allowed to have 2 as a special treat. He had cards from us, Nanny and his brothers and sisters and chicken from Granny and Grandpa... Birthdays seem like a lot of fun, can't wait til I have one!

Yesterday Daddy and Grandpa took him to the vets again and he is doing really well since his operation and now he has to go swimming twice a week... I wonder if he'll need armbands!?!

Last night I decided that being fed every 3 hours was not often enough so I decided to up the frequency to every 1.5 hours and really wear Mummy out... then I decided at 8am to give in and let her have a snooze and Daddy made her a bacon sandwich and cup of tea to have in bed which made her very smiley - or it might just have been wind!

Thats all for now