Izzy Wizzy's Birthday


well today is a special day on 2 counts... It's my little mate Izzy Clark's first birthday-so HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY WIZZY!!!!!!!!!!

And... wait for it... wait for it... I am now officially ONE MONTH OLD!!!! Hurrah! Oh, and I smiled for the first time today... at Daddy, much to Mummy's disgust - after all she's the one who feeds me etc etc all she ever sees is me smiling because I have wind! Anyhow she's not too upset, I know this because she still gives me lots of cuddles and she's glad that Daddy saw me smile at the weekend because he misses me so much when he's in London.

We had a family expedition into Nottingham this afternoon - never again - it was soooo busy and to top it all we lost count of the number of people that didn't have prams (or any other reason to use the lifts instead of the escalators) but jumped the queue to get in the lift ahead of us in John Lewis... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Climbing off my little soapbox now